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In the interest of maximizing personal sovereignty in individuals through: Truth, Freedom, Family, Reason, Self-Sufficiency, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Sound Money

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Just so there is no confusion on what we are about…


A voluntary society able to live how you want to live without fear of coercion.


Community is the name of the game. Historically, when entering into a dark period, it was beneficial for individuals to band together and offer each other support.


Irrationality is the true pandemic; signifying the beginning of a new dark age. Our community keeps the candle of reason burning in the dark times, always ready to usher in the new renaissance.


This started out as a cigar club. Tobacco has been known as the plant of the gods for millennia. Used historically by Native Americans as a way to enhance stimulating deep thought & conversation as well as keep the peace. We like to use tobacco in the same way.


What People Say about The Sovereign Empire

“I am glad to be a part of this tribe over all the others. And I don’t even smoke cigars.


“This philosophy is the next stage in human evolution. A philosophy worthy of the next renaissance that doesn’t require coercion, subversion, or violence. We (mankind) need this. This is NOT a new world order. This is not an old world order. This philosophy ascends all of it. Fear of the unknown disappears. With this philosophy, the “power” of the cabal that rules the world, turns to vapor.”

Kelly Wyatt, Member since 2019

“Finally, an online community that gets it!


“Super chill. This community could be the next big thing.”

Ben B.


Current Events

6/21-27/2021 Sovereign will be attending PORCFEST! Buy your tickets here: PorcFest – The Porcupine Freedom Festival 2021 in NH PorcFest

  • In the works – A new secret project. Codename: Pragmata. More info to come.

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