A Little History

How the Club Found its Roots

A Little History: How the Club Found its Roots

Back in the day Sovereign Cigar Club used to be a full-blown legitimate corporation. A fantastic, for-profit business with an awesome business model. However, “the man” didn’t like that too much and draconian prison-esque lockdowns in our hometown (the worst in Alaska) gave government the ability to destroy anything it didn’t like. This is a little history of how the club found its roots.


This ultimately resulted in having to hibernate the company, restructure more appropriately for the current climate and re-build our base with a more niche focus. Starting over can be hard. But it is like pulling off a band-aid. You can do it fast, or you can do it slow. Best to just get it over with.

Word of mouth is where it’s at!

We are starting from literally zero. So, it is in our best interest to provide the most stellar service possible. In order for us to grow, our members will have to pass the word along. We encourage them to not keep us a secret. Our members must feel like they are part of the greatest club of all time. Because they are.

Final thoughts

The odds are against us.

  • The budget for advertising is next to nothing (running on donations only)
  • Trying to appeal to a heavily censored and regulated niche
  • We lost most of our team-members
  • We lost our community

Here is why this will work

  • We have moved to a friendlier state to operate out of (New Hampshire)
  • We really do have the best benefits of any FREE club on the internet
  • The community we are building will be the most focused, individualistic, liberty-oriented and possibly most intelligent community on the internet.
  • Nobody has been more motivated to build a powerhouse community than I am.


Want to see if you qualify for membership? Take our questionnaire. Unfortunately, not everyone will qualify. Here is a link to a related post about taking the questionnaire (here)

Click to be taken to the Worthiness Questionnaire.

Best of luck.

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