A Very Inconvenient Truth

Please forgive the cliché. But “brevity is beauty” as they say. I wanted to outline a very inconvenient truth.

The topic of today’s discussion is: vetting

I turned an applicant down recently and they did not take it well. I wanted to share the thinking behind our vetting process to ensure that its as clear as possible.

To all applicants:

Please do not take the result of the test personally. There may be nothing wrong with you, it just may be that you are not a good fit for this club. We are looking for a particular type of person with a particular mindset. I would outline what it is, but then the integrity of the questionnaire would be compromised. The very inconvenient truth is that 99.9% of all people do not qualify. And preserving the pristine integrity of the club is priority #1.

In case you are not familiar with what it takes to become a member here is the basic outline.

  1. Complete a Worthiness Questionnaire
  2. If passed, a personal meeting is set up.
  3. The meeting is reviewed by all current members and its decided whether the applicant is allowed or disallowed to join.

Why such a process?

This may be hard to hear for some; not all people are equal. This of course does not mean that some men are superior to others genetically, or that some people do not wield the potential to become superior. Every man has the potential to rise. We subscribe to the idea that genius is as common as fingerprints if it were only given the opportunity to be discovered within the individual.

Getting down to brass tacks

The Sovereign Cigar Club is not a place to cultivate conventional thinking or discussing what’s in the news. This club is for the individualist corps d’elite. A club for those who do not, in a Socratic sense, understand anything. It’s about cultivating curiosity. Its about improving yourself by improving the company you keep.

And this is the very inconvenient truth; 99.9% of the men and women in the world do not qualify. For those who do, we emphatically await your correspondence.

Best of luck

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