The Only Side Effect of “Covid”

The only side effect of “covid” is that you don’t know who you can be honest with anymore.

man in a mask

Starting a conversation

I have learned that being completely honest when having a conversation with strangers is good way to ostracize yourself from everything.

I spend some of my weekends at a very nice cigar bar. I generally don’t spark up conversations but every once in a while a random stranger will sit next to me and begin small talk. For the past year, conversations eventually make their way toward “covid” and that’s the part where the train wreck begins. Fully grown adults will devolve into a children and throw a tantrum because someone doesn’t agree with them on something. This speech by Gatto may explain why ((22) John Taylor Gatto – The Paradox Of Extended Childhood – (2000) – YouTube). I am surprised at how many people acknowledge that the media and government is lying to them. But at the same time believe everything they say about “covid.”

To speak or not to speak

I decided to do my best not to lie, ever; even to strangers. I will speak truth no matter the consequences. I never did have a mind for subterfuge so to avoid the danger of getting into a droll exchange about stuff I don’t care about, I would rather politely excuse myself. However, every once in a while, you will find someone who surprises you.

The benefits of telling the truth.

I have made more friends this year than any other time. I have made a lot more enemies. But I will never see them again most likely and ultimately they have very little effect on my life. But the friends I have made are great resources and the benefits of being introduced to such people heavily outweigh the bad experiences one might encounter by being honest. I stay in touch with them and we can rely on each other when things get tough. They accept silver and gold as legitimate forms of payment. They have land and other assets that are required to build a community.

What is the point?

The point of all this is to outline how important it is to always be proud of your beliefs. Do not be ashamed to share them. The group may be stronger than the individual. But amongst groups, which is strongest? I believe it’s the communities that hold truth up as a primary tenet. Think about it. One who seeks truth is more likely to see the world for what it really is; a crucial advantage when navigating a world built on lies. The only side effect of “covid” is that it separates those who are asleep or evil, from those who have moral principles and value virtue.

Rick Rule: The King of Financial Philosophy

The first time I saw Rick it was on episode 2 or 3 of the “Hidden Secrets of Money” made by Mike Maloney. I didn’t understand what he was saying. Like he was speaking another language.

Luckily, it wasn’t enough to dissuade me from being interested in Macroeconomics and I continued to stumble along in the dark for the next four years. I eventually came back to review the “Hidden Secrets of Money and I found, after undergoing a lot of growth, that what Rick Rule was saying was absolutely true. Not only true but history proved him precisely correct.

I’ve been a fan ever since. Please check him out. Here is a fantastic interview with Dunagan Kaiser. ENJOY

Suing the Federal Reserve

George Gammon is currently my favorite youtuber and is basically the new hotness on the platform. He is a fantastic explainer, very funny, and he is suing the federal reserve.

If you are interested in suing the fed, check out his channel. Make sure to comment and show your support. I want to say that this is not about being successful in bringing down the fed, its about growing awareness of the evils being conducted on all people of the world thanks to the fed.

Here is his latest interview with Jake Ducey. I highly recommend checking George Gammon out. #RebelCapitalist

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“You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.”

Ayn Rand

Hey guys it’s me, Frodo, and I am so glad to be back with you again. While the boss was busy getting deplatformed, I was on vacation soaking up some ridiculous rays. Anyway, I have a juicy one for you today. Disclaimer: I use some spicy language that is guaranteed to add fuel to the skreee fire. Please understand that I see everyone as an individual and judge each man, woman, and child by their actions. On with the show.

Reality is real!

Yes, you heard it right, or left…err maybe center? Which party is supposed to be supportive of reality again? Please, forgive my ignorance. The political paradigm is not my forte’. Reason being is that the paradigm, as people understand it, is itself a fabrication. It’s a fiction created to obfuscate reality.

Paradigm shift?

Ten years ago, you would be hard pressed to find anyone that could call themselves a libertarian, anarchist, anarcho-capitalist, Gattoite, agorist, voluntaryist, etc. But these days, they seem to be popping up in the spring like daisies. In my Opinion, this is a very good thing. However, there is a downside. Many people just getting into the space, don’t actually understand the concepts fully and its these same people who are trying to institutionalize a movement. Before I get into why this is a very bad thing, lets outline some of the positives.

The good.

One good thing about anarchy becoming a household term is that it is exposing more people to it. Just like cannabis, most people didn’t care or have even heard about cannabis before the government started attacking it. I mean, look in books before and then after the governments campaign to ban it. Cannabis barely ever shows up in the former. And the latter, there is an entire decade dedicated to it and its talked about fairly frequently from then till just recently. Now that the government is no longer throwing innocent people in prison for it, its no longer talked about really except for maybe as an investment opportunity, which even in this market is pretty niche.

Anarchy is getting the same treatment. The government doesn’t want you to know that anarchy is the best thing for society/morality/humanity, they are now taking every opportunity to defame it. The media is dragging anarchy’s name through the mud. Its causing people to talk about it. And that is fucking awesome. There are a lot more positives, too many to list here. Maybe I will write another article about just the positives later on. Let me know in the comments if you are interested.

The bad.

Because it’s cool at the moment to be an anarchist, its starting to attract normies and grifters; just like what happened to the libertarian party. True anarchists are doing what they do, being individuals, holding steadfast, armed with solid principles and sound logic, and the normies HATE IT! The amount of infighting that happens is immense. Well…its not really fighting. Typically, its an anarchist imposter saying in the anarchist chat something like “governments are a necessary evil.” The pleb then gets asked to define what a “necessary evil” is…you can imagine how that goes. Usually, I take pleasure in these troll debates. However, it is becoming so common that the chats are starting to look like world war Z.


Anarchism is not hard to generally outline, but practicing it is hard to explain because of its open-endedness. Within anarchism itself there are infinite amounts of possible philosophies. With the number of potential unique philosophies being generated boiling all the way down to the individual. I hate to systematize it like this, but there are core tenets that you must follow in order to be able to call yourself an anarchist. Most people don’t know what they are, so, most don’t understand what they are even getting into. In case you are not familiar with the general anarchist philosophy, here is a very basic break down.

Anarchy, Anarchism, Anarchist


AN’ARCHY, noun [Gr. an – “without,” archy – “ruler.” Anarchy: without ruler. ]

Taking the word for its literal meaning and not what “society” has redefined it as, anarchy just means that the individual has no ruler. It is that simple.

What anarchy does NOT mean:

It does not mean…

  • Chaos
  • there are no rules
  • violence is ok
  • stealing is ok
  • slavery is ok
Anarchy does not mean chaos.

Obviously, the rulers do not want their subjects to be anarchist. It is in the rulers best interest to paint anarchy in a poor light. That is exactly why they had to try and change the definition. Again, please refer to the literal translation.

Anarchy does not mean “no rules.”

Because there is no ruler telling you what to do, you can choose to follow rules, or not. They are voluntary and it is the consequences of your choices that regulate your behavior in accordance with natural law. An example of what this might look like is HOA’s. When you purchase a home under an HOA, you are agreeing to their rules. If you do not follow the agreed rules, they have an obligation to kick you out. This transaction was completely voluntary and is the answer to the trope of “well if there was no government, society would fall apart.”

Speaking of society falling apart,

Violence in an anarchist society, is it ok?

Well, is violence ok with you? If not, then its not ok in an anarchist society as far as you’re concerned. Society is what you make it. Now, will there be crazies that are in fact ok with violence against another person? Yes. But you, your neighborhood, your community, can work together and decide on solutions on how to best deal with those people. Anarchy doesn’t mean only vigilantes and thugs can exist. There can be rules and cooperation. They are voluntary, but the consequences of breaking the rules are there.

In a sense, we live in an anarchist society right now. However, the only people that are aware of it are the people running the show as well as a few free-thinkers that have had a fat dose of reality given to them at some point in their lives and they just kinda figured it out.

Imagine if everyone was aware that we live in an anarchist world? I don’t think it would be too different. It would be freer, happier, safer, cleaner….im talking about my personal anarchist community. Of course, there will be areas where it isn’t all those things. But here is the awesome part. There is no “law” that keeps you from moving away from those places. Or better yet, no “law” that stops you from improving the bad areas. Which, right now, most laws are there to keep things from getting better. Think about it. If you want me to expand more on this, please let me know down in the comments.

In regard to stealing,

basically its the same answer as violence.

Slavery would be voluntary.

I know it sounds strange. But just like society today, wage slaves are choosing to be as such because people are oblivious to reality. They do nothing to escape their own slavery. It is possible to have slavery, but I highly doubt it would exist in an anarchist society in which people are aware of their own ability to choose for themselves and are responsible for their own lives.

Eye-rollingly boring conversations with people that just don’t get it.

It’s at this point that people go full retard completely forget what I just said about anarchy and they retread the same talking points they heard from t.v. or youtube or what have you. It seems some are incapable of having thoughts of their own. They have been supplied with a myriad of knee-jerk responses to anything contrary to what they have been programmed to believe. There is nothing I can do for these people. No debate that can take place that will result in an agreement of some sort. There are two different wave-lengths and communication devolves into both parties speaking into the ether with nobody listening. Literally, you are wasting your breath.

But those who are genuinely curious and have a penchant for wanting to learn more (one in a million), there is hope. If you can have conversations with these people, you know they will be become anarchists. Because truth is on our side. When peoples minds are open and they hear the truth, they are able to recognize it.

Here is the key

Simply put, anarchy exists wherever force is not being imposed on others. Think about that for a minute. In other words, anarchy is the natural state of the universe. Natural… Just for kicks, lets break down the literal translation of “natural.”

“Natr” comes from ancient egyptian, meaning “spirit.” “Al” fairly universally in the ancient world means “from” or “of.” Natural means “From the spirit” or “Of the spirit.” (Source)

Putting it all together, the default state of the universe has no rulers. What we have right now in society is a perversion of the natural state of the universe. By this logic, does this make having rulers immoral? I think so.


Whether its for better or worse, anarchy is the only ideology that is in-line with natural law. Natural law being the only legitimate law because it is not man-made. If you are religious, there is God’s law, and natural law would have been created by him. Contained in this sentiment is true reality. The “reality” that 99% of the worlds population is experiencing is a fiction. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but its the truth. At any rate I hope this article spurs some debate. (Side note: If you want a similar format breakdown of what authority is, please let me know in the comments.)

It’s good to be back.

Sincerely and emphatically,


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You Are Not Alone

This is a shoutout to all the reasonable people out there. You are not alone. I know it may feel like it, but there are more of us than you think. Yes, we are 1 in 1,000,000. But there are 7 billion people on the planet! People like us will get our time to shine. Be patient. George Gammon says “When a stock is loved by everyone, that is the time to get out. When they call you crazy for buying “xyz” stock, thats how you know you’re exactly where you want to be.” Just think of us like an un-loved stock. When the time comes, people will be begging for us to save them.

There are some great groups out there on telegram. I am part of a few. What’s great is, I can say anything I want and it will be met with either agreement or pleasant debate. Having said that, I would share the groups but I cannot be responsible for watering down the quality by exposing the group to the unanointed. But think how awesome that is! There are hundreds of free-thinkers just like you. You will have to put in the work and find those telegrams. Or, you could join The Sovereign Empire.

Lets do a profile. Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You are between 25-35, you have just a few very good friends but that’s it, you can’t enjoy playing video games or watching most movies because you see through the illusion. Your family thinks you’re nuts for investing in things like silver or bitcoin (maybe not anymore). You have a hard time making friends because everyone else is either so basic, or a liability, hate your job because it forces you to violate your principles every day. You believe the only moral system is one without laws, and that any involuntary authority is immoral.

I have met you before. I have met hundreds just like you. You are not alone; free-thinkers; producers; net benefits to this world. Folks, you are the motors of this world. You may feel insignificant. You may think that you are easily replaced. But I am telling you an individuals potential cannot be replaced. I am so optimistic about the future because you exist.

The Economy is US!

Every person on earth is connected. The decisions we make today, touch the lives of people decades into the future. Like a ripple in a pond, eventually, it will expand and change the entire surface. In the essay, “I, Pencil,” it is not about the end-product. Its about the limitless hours of human effort that is put into producing that seemingly simple end-product.

When it comes down to it. We will have to congregate and organize. When things get bad enough, just know that The Sovereign Empire will be waiting. The Soveriegn Empire can connect you with others of your kind. We CAN organize and become powerful. If we don’t, we will be crushed by the ignorant masses. I am here, doing everything in my power to prevent that. Help me build The Sovereign Empire. Join today. It is time to find your tribe.

Please leave me your thoughts down below in the comments.

Have a good one,


Creator of The Sovereign Empire.

You Are Not Alone

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Want To Get Sw4tt3d?

Want To Get Sw4tt3d? Just do what I’m doing right now…
Want To Get Sw4tt3d?

What am I doing? I don’t know.

You see, the state has expanded to such a degree that everything you do could be considered a crime by the state. There is a book out there called “Three Felonies a Day” by Harvey Silverglate. In it, he outlines how every person in the U.S. commits at least three felonies a day without even realizing it. Almost all those felonies do not require a victim. The truth is, it’s probably more than three.


Before I continue I have to make a disclaimer for the normies. Disclaimer: If you don’t believe you are a criminal, then we agree on something. I do not believe you are the criminal the state says you are. This by default puts us on the same side so please hear me out. I am trying to help you. I am not asking for anything and I have no reason to lie to you.

Topic: The Matrix

Uh-oh, I just lost the normies! All joking aside, I think this term is severely misunderstood. For those who are trapped in it, the concept of the matrix may seem complex and because of that, it’s really hard to explain. But I am going to attempt to do it today in this post. This will be my attempt at breaking down the concept of “the matrix” in a credible and digestible way.

Like I said previously when people talk about “the matrix” that’s when you start losing credibility with the normies. You automatically get slotted into the “conspiracy theorists” category with people like Alex Jones. Here is the thing, the matrix is just a useful metaphor. In essence, it just means “you cant see what I see.” And yes, the implications are that people who are on the outside of the matrix can see “more” of what is on the inside. Please keep in mind, normies, that these people are desperately trying to help you. It’s so unfortunate that the term has been bastardized by the mainstream because it really is a great expression.

Want To Get Sw4tt3d?

A Simple Analogy

white head bust in museum
Photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez on

Want To Get Sw4tt3d?

Imagine a snowglobe, and inside the snowglobe are little Christmas creatures. They were born in the snowglobe and it’s all they have ever known. Sometimes, these creatures look up into the snowglobe sky, and all they see is a diffusion of light and darkness. No creature has ever been up there before, in the sky. But they are told by the elder creatures that it goes on forever; an infinite emptiness. As far as they can tell, things seem pretty stable inside the snowglobe but every once in a while, disaster strikes out of nowhere. Things like earthquakes, snowstorms, and instances of unexplained phenomena. We of course know that it’s the child who keeps the snowglobe on the mantel. It is he who creates the earthquakes, snowstorms, and every once in a while will wind-up the snow globe to make all the little creatures dance.

Now, let’s say some of the Christmas creatures managed to escape from the globe and they witness what is causing all the tragedies in the snow globe world. Without hesitation and at great risk, they decide to tell their friends and family who are causing all the disasters. Of course, nobody believes something so ridiculous. It would mean everything they have ever known is a lie. It is easy for friends and family to shrug it off without further consideration.

Obviously, the ones who have been outside of the dome have seen something they can never un-see. Over and over again they witness their loved ones being hurt by these outside forces. At the same time, they are shunned by their peers for believing in something that is different. And discriminated against, punished, and often destroyed by the child for being outside of the globe. These creatures are the outcasts of the ant colony, the ones that ask “why?”, the ones that see things for what they truly are. They are the ones that can save us all.


The ones who screech “YOURE LIVING IN THE MATRIX” may be using the expression incorrectly. But that is the same sin you are committing by immediately dismissing their point of view. Both sides have a severe lack of humility. This leads to the illogical incessant skreeeing you see on both sides of the political aisle. The Sovereign Empire is not a fan of this. And for the record, The Sovereign Empire is not a fan of politics at all. Both cups are poison (by design.) (See The Jones Plantation by Larkin Rose)

Want To Get Sw4tt3d?

Why am I bringing this up?

As you may have heard, Ian Freeman and Nobody of Free Talk Live were $w@tt3D and arrested the other day. Supposedly, it was for trying to keep some of the crypto they earned, away from the government. In my opinion, no victim, no crime. But the government has no such qualms. And no consideration for morality or what is good or evil. If they see something they want or identify what is useful to their ends, they go to great lengths to posses it.

However, there are exceptions to their tyranny. You can in fact escape the eye of Sauron. All you have to do is be free. People have a really hard time understanding this. And I plan on writing about it later on. Essentially, if you choose to use their systems (Like dollars, welfare, or permits/licenses) you are their property and they see you as such. Because of this, they can treat you how they want. If you opt-out of their system (I know its hard, but if you want to be free you have to do it) then the only tyranny they can plot against you is violence. And they wouldn’t dare.

Let’s do a thought experiment. Imagine you live on a farm, minding your own business, not using dollars because you cultivate your own food. Not needing a license because you don’t drive a car. Not needing health insurance aid because of clean, natural living. They literally have no reason to come after you. If they did arrest you, it would wake a lot of people up to the scam. They know this. (More on why they wouldn’t dare in a later post. )

What does this have to do with getting (the S word)?

Want To Get Sw4tt3d?

Well, eventually all people on the verge of escaping the snow globe will be prosecuted (Like Ian and Nobody of Free Talk Live Radio). They can’t allow people to escape the matrix because keeping more people INSIDE is what gives them all the power. Interestingly, (I don’t know if this is some cruel joke from God, but…) the harder they try to keep the illusion going, the more people wake up and see it. I am just doing my part to be a shepherd of freedom. Waiting at the gate for those who may be a little late to the party. Speaking of “late to the party,” still not convinced the state isn’t your friend? Read this.

I am just waiting until then for my moment. Thanks for reading internet friend.



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Top 5 Youtubers to Watch If You Don’t Want to Lose Your 401k

Here are the Top 5 Youtubers to watch if you don’t want to lose your 401k, retirement, pension, etc. If you are like me and you had a job with a managed retirement fund, then you are probably worried about losing it. If you aren’t worried, you should be!

These 5 youtubers are the go-to sources when it comes to wealth preservation. Number 5 on the list is easy to guess, but I am sure #1 will surprise you. Let’s get into it!

#5 – Robert Kiyosaki

The famous author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad has been railing about getting your money out of managed funds for literally decades. No, he’s not a perma-bear against the stock market. But he is a perma-bear against the dollar. His latest and most relevant works to this topic are “FAKE” and “Who Stole My Pension?” Please check out his channel on YouTube and tell him I sent you.

#4 – Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente, creator of the Trends Journal; this guy gets it! The research his team publishes in the Trends Journal is second to none when it comes to forecasting downturns in the market. Also, if you are a business owner it would behoove you to subscribe to help prepare you for incoming anti-small business legislation. Celente is a saint and his advice has saved my pension a few times already. Please check out his channel and tell him I sent you.

#3 – Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff has been producing awesome, meme-able, youtube content since before it was cool. He also has one of THE BEST reports of all time (You can find it here.) His economics are grounded in historical references and a fantastic grasp on Austrian school fundamentals. He called the housing market crash, he has been calling for the absolute collapse of the dollar, but ultimately was early to that party. However, if you have been paying attention at all this last year, you know that what Peter is saying is totally en vogue. Check out his videos and let him know I sent you.

#2 – Mike Maloney

Mike Maloney of also has a youtube channel of the same name. The only reason Mike isn’t in the #3 spot beating out Peter Schiff, is because his channel has a documentary series called “The Hidden Secrets of Money” and it is ABSOLUTELY spectacular. It goes deep into the federal reserve and U.S. banking system which doesn’t sound too exciting. But Mike really spices it up by comparing our system now, to the systems seen throughout history. A Wonderful documentary. MUST WATCH! Once you go and visit his videos, please tell him I said “THANK YOU” for changing my life with “The Hidden Secrets of Money.” (BTW: Episode 6 and 7 are my favorite.)

#1 – George Gammon

A prolific producer of content that is informative and easily digestible, George has found the formula that traps you in his world and makes you want to stay there. Combine that with his light-hearted personality and his eagerness to make a positive impact on this world, differentiates him from the others. An unapologetic rebel capitalist, he is not afraid to say what’s-what. In my opinion, we need more like him


These guys will help you make more informed decisions when it comes to your retirement money, or any money for that matter. Scroll down for some honorable mentions.

In Liberty my friends,


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Honorable Mentions

All of the following definitely deserve a subscribe. They are a bit more niche and that is why they did not qualify for the “Top 5 Youtubers to Watch If You Don’t Want to Lose Your 401k”

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What Does It Mean to be an Individual?

What does it mean to be an individual? Are you a lone wolf, or part of a pack? The answer is both.

Atlas holding up the world

I, Pencil

No matter what your lifestyle is, it probably involves the collaboration of two or more people in order to make it that way; whether it be deliberate or not. For example, I come from the Alaskan bush and lived a subsistence lifestyle. We would hunt, fish, and gather our own food to eat.

A lone wolf lifestyle, not so alone

A wolf overlooking a pond

But, we were also able to enjoy treats like cow milk, tortillas, and bread. However, in order to get those things, we needed to generate some currency. So, we sold fish to a fish processor. We used the currency to pay for services like a phone line to allow us to order food from the city. The store in the city would then put that food on a boat or plane and a person would deliver it to us. We would order in bulk so we had a giant chest freezer to preserve the food we couldn’t eat right away. That chest freezer needed electricity…you see where I am going with this? Our wanting a little variety required an entire mini-economy to be created.

That is the web we create just to live. We require countless amounts of individuals (almost all of them unseen) and countless amounts of labor and brain power to maintain our quality of life. But that has all been turned upside-down. The economy has been disrupted and our quality of life is decreasing.

Who is to blame?

Capitol building. Death in the sky
United States Capitol building in Washington DC.

I mentioned before in Are They Really Trying to Help Us? – The Sovereign Empire – ANCAP club ( That I was no longer able to provide for my family, pay bills, and eat, all at the same time after the government shut everything down in the town I was living in. 7 of 8 contracts went up in smoke. Those businesses I dealt with will never return. In the article, I blamed the government; The collective. However, I was wrong. The government didn’t shut me and those other businesses down. WE shut us down. Our inability to say “NO” shut us down. The only reason those businesses closed was because they said “yes.”

The absolute truth is YOU HAVE A CHOICE. You can acquiesce and cause a negative ripple effect in the economy. Or you can think for yourself as an individual. You can weigh the pros and cons and make the best decision possible for yourself. By doing seeking your best interests you are actually making the best decision possible for the rest of the world as well.

The Economy Is Us!

The government can TRY to shut the economy down. But THE ECONOMY IS US! Ultimately, it takes us agreeing to shut down. We are not the government. We are not a collective. We may be connected, but each node; each individual is like a dynamo. It has its own source of power. It has smart technology and can reorient at a moments notice when something goes wrong. The individual can do cost/benefit analysis to make awesome decisions the government could never even dream of accomplishing or knowing anything about for that matter. If you delegate all the thinking to the government you are DOOMING US ALL.

The Myth of Authority

The government is not our boss. The individual is the authority over itself and no one else. You make the decisions for yourself. Not someone else. You decide what is best for you, best for your household, best for your business; not the government.

There is no such thing as authority beyond violence. Violence is the supreme authority from which all other authorities are derived (Heinlein). If the government is willing to bring violence down upon you in order to assert authority, is that a proper function of government? I would say…yes. I would say that is the only function government is good for. Gifting violence of the few, onto the many. And that is precisely why it should not exist.

Few can say it better than someone who I consider a friend, George Gammon. I have promoted his work before across all my platforms. Please watch this video and learn what it means to be an individual.

So, What Does it Mean to be an Individual?

I can’t pretend to have all the answers. All I can do is make the best decisions possible for myself, family, and business. That is why I keep my business doors open. That is why I prefer to work with individuals instead of collectivists.

So, if there is anyone else out there who isn’t afraid of a fake v!rys let me know if you’re looking for work. I will be looking for help soon.

In Liberty,


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What Does It Mean to be an Individual?

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Worldwide Rally for Freedom

Hey everybody, we will see you at the worldwide rally for Freedom tomorrow, 20th of March at noon. North Church in Portsmouth, NH.

There are Rallies everywhere so check to find one near you.

We don’t usually do rallies.

We don’t usually do rallies. I, personally, am not the rallying type. But the reason I am making an exception this time is because its not political. It’s about freedom! And there is nothing political about it. What we ARE about is maximizing freedom for everyone.

We do not ask permission

Free men do not ask permission.

We will see you there. #wewillALLbethere

Peter Explains It All

Peter Explains It All in the Most Important Read of the Decade

An excerpt from “Taxed By Inflation” by Peter Schiff

Peter Explains It All in the Most Important Read of the Decade. “U.S. stocks are expensive relative to both their historical valuations and current
global valuations. In fact, U.S. CAPE ratios have only been higher on two other occasions, in 1929, before the Crash that brought on the Great Depression, and in 1999, in the months leading up to the Dotcom Crash.

And while we know now, with the benefit of hindsight, that the optimisms that fueled spikes in 1929 and 1999 were largely illusory, at least they made some sense at the time. In the late 1920s America was awash in a tide of prosperity, global expansion, and cultural exuberance. In the late 1990s, the fall of the Soviet Union, years of above-trend growth, and the emergence of an entire new technology sector bred a sense of possibility and invincibility.

But where is the optimism now? With debt running out of control, political polarization running high, a raft of potential new corporate taxes and quasi-socialist policies percolating in the halls of Congress, no serious economist could think that the economy is poised for organic growth. America is no longer the economic power that emerged after the First World War or after the Cold War. Instead, as we have seen, all hope is on new stimulus. But the new forms of stimulus are more likely to create inflation than real growth.

We believe that in the coming decade if the dollar were to decline like it did beginning in 2002, the changing currency values may lead to investment results more in line with the first decade of this century than the second. We are preparing our clients for this scenario.”

Enjoy this amazing and most valuable report!

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