Find Your Tribe

Find Your Tribe

“He who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not, will be victorious.”

-Sun Tzu

Now, right now, is the time to find your tribe. It is time to organize, it is time to consolidate. Because if we don’t, freedom will cease to exist.


Have you ever played the board game called RISK? In it, players amass armies and battle each other to conquer the world, region by region. Your ability to either defend or conquer a region is dependent on luck, but also on the distinct advantages of certain mechanics or rules laid out. For example, you have to roll a dice above a certain number in order to perform a successful attack. The more dice you have, the better your odds at rolling a high number. The number of dice is determined by how large your army is. The larger the army, the more dice you can roll. The only way a large army can be thwarted is either by a series of bad rolls, or, the area that is being attacked needs to have more units fortifying the territory than the attacker can take out.

This actually is a perfect analogy for real life. Right now, the anti-freedom conglomerate have the max number of dice. The good guys (us) have units spread out in little pockets across the map. Because we are spread out, they can take us out easily.

What would happen if we consolidated our efforts?

Find Your Tribe

What if we made an effort to reach as many Liberty loving individuals as possible and chose just a few strategic locations across the globe to converge on, and take that territory?

What about the FSP?

I know about the attempts to make New Hampshire the libertarian state. What happened to the free state project is the fact that it is a political movement instead of what it should be, an ideological movement. A movement that effects us all. Not just the left, right, and center. What about all of us who are outside of the political clock? What about the ones who are freedom fundamentalists and anarchists?

If you value freedom at all

If you are a sovereign individual, A FREE man or woman, and you believe in Liberty over tyranny, you must find your tribe and re-group. Otherwise, you are going to get steamrolled. Because the opponent has all the dice, and they will eventually try and take your region; wherever it may be. As a freedom loving individual you have a responsibility to live according to your principles. You CANNOT live in the tyrants world without enabling them. By putting up with the tyrants, you are supporting evil, and subjecting yourself to unnecessary fear and terror. Eventually, you will be required to join them or involuntarily have your sprit released from this mortal plane.

The Blueprints to a Successful Independence Movement

The plans have already been written. We already know their next move. We can save ourselves and preserve Liberty by removing ourselves from the machine.

If you don’t understand what I am saying right now, you will eventually. Eventually, the motors of the world will cease to run and that is when all hell will break lose. At that moment you will come running to Galt’s Gulch, Luna, or La Estancia. The problem with waiting is you may not be able to escape the prison you helped to create.

Can it be done?

Find Your Tribe

There are ways we can make this work. We have examples from history; we have How-to’s on forming free societies written by the greatest thinkers in history; amd we have peace and truth on our side. Join my tribe and help create the most brilliantly shining example of a free society in the galaxy! Yes, with your help it can be done.

In Liberty my friends,


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