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Step 1. Find a quiet place

Instead of telling you “thinking” is good I am going to show you how I do it.

You wake up to an alarm. You start the engine of your car and the radio turns on. Meetings or phone calls all day at the office. Kids screaming when you get home. You relax before bed by watching the mandalorian or whatever the new hotness is. Not a single moment could be construed as peaceful.

Why does a library require silence?

Step 2. Open your mind

One of the greatest thinkers, if not the greatest, Socrates said “The only thing I know for certain, is that I know nothing.” Possibly the greatest thinker of all time and he had the humility to still maintain an open mind.

Thinking you know a lot about anything solidifies ignorance. A lack of humility actually closes your mind and ensures that you stop learning.

Ask yourself “could I be wrong?” Or, “Could they be right?”

Step 3. Simplify

A lot of people suffer from overwhelm and it promotes escapism. Bills to pay, appointments to keep, people to keep happy, fake viruses to avoid, et al. Some people keep their minds off of the insurmountable duties by buying things, trying things, and watching things. Essentially, adding onto their workload with non-essentials to make an excuse to not address the other things.

It creates clutter. Clutter in real-life and clutter in your mind.

The easiest thing to do is get rid of the non-essentials, and then eventually work on eliminating the things you deem essential as well. Bills for instance. Its considered essential but you can get rid of them if you really wanted to.

Non-essential being tv. like we talked about in the previous article.

What can you get rid of to simplify?

Step 4. You-time

I used to watch a tv show called Dragon Ball Z when I was a kid. Bad guys would show up that were way too strong for the hero. But there was still hope because the Heroes had a Hyperbolic Time Chamber. It would crunch time so every second that passed in real-time, it would be the same as a month inside the chamber. That is where the heroes would train to eventually become strong enough to defeat the bad guy.

Inside that chamber it was just a floor and empty space. Nothing else. Zero distractions. You need to create that chamber to train your mind. I like my front porch. There are trees and wind, but that is it; it is quite serene.

“You-time” means that its just you. Where you are the center of everything and anything produced is produced by you during that time. Watching youtube by yourself is not “you-time.” The point is to eliminate distraction.

There are things that you can introduce to enhance your thinking after you have simplified and created your personal hyperbolic time chamber. Things like premium cigars. Tobacco has been used for millennia by Native Americans to clear the mind. The properties in tobacco divert neurological resources to certain parts of the brain that can enhance critical thinking and conceptual thought.

Perhaps this is why its been vilified, over-regulated, and mixed with poisons, to discourage people from having these things?

Step 5. Sit and think

So you have completed the first four steps. Now you can sit and think.

You don’t have to sit necessarily. You can walk or hike or ride. But it can’t be strenuous. The pain is distracting.

At first, your mind will have to go through a period of detox. It will be quiet in your own mind for a while. But soon enough, curiosities will start to populate your thoughts. Questions will arise. Bad memories will make you cringe and you will have to learn how to confront those seriously for the very first time. This is all extremely healthy and you will not regret spending your time doing it.

That’s it.

Of course there is nuance that will have to be discovered by doing. And everything can be tailored to fit your needs as an individual. But this is the foundation of my personal discovery. I hope you can find some value in it.

Sincerely and emphatically,


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