“You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.”

Ayn Rand

Hey guys it’s me, Frodo, and I am so glad to be back with you again. While the boss was busy getting deplatformed, I was on vacation soaking up some ridiculous rays. Anyway, I have a juicy one for you today. Disclaimer: I use some spicy language that is guaranteed to add fuel to the skreee fire. Please understand that I see everyone as an individual and judge each man, woman, and child by their actions. On with the show.

Reality is real!

Yes, you heard it right, or left…err maybe center? Which party is supposed to be supportive of reality again? Please, forgive my ignorance. The political paradigm is not my forte’. Reason being is that the paradigm, as people understand it, is itself a fabrication. It’s a fiction created to obfuscate reality.

Paradigm shift?

Ten years ago, you would be hard pressed to find anyone that could call themselves a libertarian, anarchist, anarcho-capitalist, Gattoite, agorist, voluntaryist, etc. But these days, they seem to be popping up in the spring like daisies. In my Opinion, this is a very good thing. However, there is a downside. Many people just getting into the space, don’t actually understand the concepts fully and its these same people who are trying to institutionalize a movement. Before I get into why this is a very bad thing, lets outline some of the positives.

The good.

One good thing about anarchy becoming a household term is that it is exposing more people to it. Just like cannabis, most people didn’t care or have even heard about cannabis before the government started attacking it. I mean, look in books before and then after the governments campaign to ban it. Cannabis barely ever shows up in the former. And the latter, there is an entire decade dedicated to it and its talked about fairly frequently from then till just recently. Now that the government is no longer throwing innocent people in prison for it, its no longer talked about really except for maybe as an investment opportunity, which even in this market is pretty niche.

Anarchy is getting the same treatment. The government doesn’t want you to know that anarchy is the best thing for society/morality/humanity, they are now taking every opportunity to defame it. The media is dragging anarchy’s name through the mud. Its causing people to talk about it. And that is fucking awesome. There are a lot more positives, too many to list here. Maybe I will write another article about just the positives later on. Let me know in the comments if you are interested.

The bad.

Because it’s cool at the moment to be an anarchist, its starting to attract normies and grifters; just like what happened to the libertarian party. True anarchists are doing what they do, being individuals, holding steadfast, armed with solid principles and sound logic, and the normies HATE IT! The amount of infighting that happens is immense. Well…its not really fighting. Typically, its an anarchist imposter saying in the anarchist chat something like “governments are a necessary evil.” The pleb then gets asked to define what a “necessary evil” is…you can imagine how that goes. Usually, I take pleasure in these troll debates. However, it is becoming so common that the chats are starting to look like world war Z.


Anarchism is not hard to generally outline, but practicing it is hard to explain because of its open-endedness. Within anarchism itself there are infinite amounts of possible philosophies. With the number of potential unique philosophies being generated boiling all the way down to the individual. I hate to systematize it like this, but there are core tenets that you must follow in order to be able to call yourself an anarchist. Most people don’t know what they are, so, most don’t understand what they are even getting into. In case you are not familiar with the general anarchist philosophy, here is a very basic break down.

Anarchy, Anarchism, Anarchist


AN’ARCHY, noun [Gr. an – “without,” archy – “ruler.” Anarchy: without ruler. ]

Taking the word for its literal meaning and not what “society” has redefined it as, anarchy just means that the individual has no ruler. It is that simple.

What anarchy does NOT mean:

It does not mean…

  • Chaos
  • there are no rules
  • violence is ok
  • stealing is ok
  • slavery is ok
Anarchy does not mean chaos.

Obviously, the rulers do not want their subjects to be anarchist. It is in the rulers best interest to paint anarchy in a poor light. That is exactly why they had to try and change the definition. Again, please refer to the literal translation.

Anarchy does not mean “no rules.”

Because there is no ruler telling you what to do, you can choose to follow rules, or not. They are voluntary and it is the consequences of your choices that regulate your behavior in accordance with natural law. An example of what this might look like is HOA’s. When you purchase a home under an HOA, you are agreeing to their rules. If you do not follow the agreed rules, they have an obligation to kick you out. This transaction was completely voluntary and is the answer to the trope of “well if there was no government, society would fall apart.”

Speaking of society falling apart,

Violence in an anarchist society, is it ok?

Well, is violence ok with you? If not, then its not ok in an anarchist society as far as you’re concerned. Society is what you make it. Now, will there be crazies that are in fact ok with violence against another person? Yes. But you, your neighborhood, your community, can work together and decide on solutions on how to best deal with those people. Anarchy doesn’t mean only vigilantes and thugs can exist. There can be rules and cooperation. They are voluntary, but the consequences of breaking the rules are there.

In a sense, we live in an anarchist society right now. However, the only people that are aware of it are the people running the show as well as a few free-thinkers that have had a fat dose of reality given to them at some point in their lives and they just kinda figured it out.

Imagine if everyone was aware that we live in an anarchist world? I don’t think it would be too different. It would be freer, happier, safer, cleaner….im talking about my personal anarchist community. Of course, there will be areas where it isn’t all those things. But here is the awesome part. There is no “law” that keeps you from moving away from those places. Or better yet, no “law” that stops you from improving the bad areas. Which, right now, most laws are there to keep things from getting better. Think about it. If you want me to expand more on this, please let me know down in the comments.

In regard to stealing,

basically its the same answer as violence.

Slavery would be voluntary.

I know it sounds strange. But just like society today, wage slaves are choosing to be as such because people are oblivious to reality. They do nothing to escape their own slavery. It is possible to have slavery, but I highly doubt it would exist in an anarchist society in which people are aware of their own ability to choose for themselves and are responsible for their own lives.

Eye-rollingly boring conversations with people that just don’t get it.

It’s at this point that people go full retard completely forget what I just said about anarchy and they retread the same talking points they heard from t.v. or youtube or what have you. It seems some are incapable of having thoughts of their own. They have been supplied with a myriad of knee-jerk responses to anything contrary to what they have been programmed to believe. There is nothing I can do for these people. No debate that can take place that will result in an agreement of some sort. There are two different wave-lengths and communication devolves into both parties speaking into the ether with nobody listening. Literally, you are wasting your breath.

But those who are genuinely curious and have a penchant for wanting to learn more (one in a million), there is hope. If you can have conversations with these people, you know they will be become anarchists. Because truth is on our side. When peoples minds are open and they hear the truth, they are able to recognize it.

Here is the key

Simply put, anarchy exists wherever force is not being imposed on others. Think about that for a minute. In other words, anarchy is the natural state of the universe. Natural… Just for kicks, lets break down the literal translation of “natural.”

“Natr” comes from ancient egyptian, meaning “spirit.” “Al” fairly universally in the ancient world means “from” or “of.” Natural means “From the spirit” or “Of the spirit.” (Source)

Putting it all together, the default state of the universe has no rulers. What we have right now in society is a perversion of the natural state of the universe. By this logic, does this make having rulers immoral? I think so.


Whether its for better or worse, anarchy is the only ideology that is in-line with natural law. Natural law being the only legitimate law because it is not man-made. If you are religious, there is God’s law, and natural law would have been created by him. Contained in this sentiment is true reality. The “reality” that 99% of the worlds population is experiencing is a fiction. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but its the truth. At any rate I hope this article spurs some debate. (Side note: If you want a similar format breakdown of what authority is, please let me know in the comments.)

It’s good to be back.

Sincerely and emphatically,


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