Suing the Federal Reserve

George Gammon is currently my favorite youtuber and is basically the new hotness on the platform. He is a fantastic explainer, very funny, and he is suing the federal reserve.

If you are interested in suing the fed, check out his channel. Make sure to comment and show your support. I want to say that this is not about being successful in bringing down the fed, its about growing awareness of the evils being conducted on all people of the world thanks to the fed.

Here is his latest interview with Jake Ducey. I highly recommend checking George Gammon out. #RebelCapitalist

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2 thoughts on “Suing the Federal Reserve

  1. looool this guy wants to sue the federal reserve. Funny guy. I love prosperity is one of my favorite channels, shout out to jake

    1. I agree, The Duce is a good guy. And Gammon explained suing the fed isn’t actually about “suing” them. It’s more like, awareness building. I am not under the delusion that it will produce anything substantial. But I like Gammon, and want to support him in any way I can.

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