The Only Side Effect of “Covid”

The only side effect of “covid” is that you don’t know who you can be honest with anymore. Starting a conversation I have learned that being completely honest when having a conversation with strangers is good way to ostracize yourself from everything. I spend some of my weekends at a very nice cigar bar. IContinue reading “The Only Side Effect of “Covid””

Worldwide Rally for Freedom

Hey everybody, we will see you at the worldwide rally for Freedom tomorrow, 20th of March at noon. North Church in Portsmouth, NH. There are Rallies everywhere so check to find one near you. We don’t usually do rallies. We don’t usually do rallies. I, personally, am not the rallying type. But the reasonContinue reading “Worldwide Rally for Freedom”

The Quality of Ones Spirit

We learn how to measure the quality of ones spirit and why we encourage the use of tobacco

Are They Really Trying to Help Us?

What is the proper role of government? Find out in todays edition of The Sovereign Empire.

What is success?

Is this the key to success and wealth? The definition of success and much much more…

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