The Only Side Effect of “Covid”

The only side effect of “covid” is that you don’t know who you can be honest with anymore.

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Starting a conversation

I have learned that being completely honest when having a conversation with strangers is good way to ostracize yourself from everything.

I spend some of my weekends at a very nice cigar bar. I generally don’t spark up conversations but every once in a while a random stranger will sit next to me and begin small talk. For the past year, conversations eventually make their way toward “covid” and that’s the part where the train wreck begins. Fully grown adults will devolve into a children and throw a tantrum because someone doesn’t agree with them on something. This speech by Gatto may explain why ((22) John Taylor Gatto – The Paradox Of Extended Childhood – (2000) – YouTube). I am surprised at how many people acknowledge that the media and government is lying to them. But at the same time believe everything they say about “covid.”

To speak or not to speak

I decided to do my best not to lie, ever; even to strangers. I will speak truth no matter the consequences. I never did have a mind for subterfuge so to avoid the danger of getting into a droll exchange about stuff I don’t care about, I would rather politely excuse myself. However, every once in a while, you will find someone who surprises you.

The benefits of telling the truth.

I have made more friends this year than any other time. I have made a lot more enemies. But I will never see them again most likely and ultimately they have very little effect on my life. But the friends I have made are great resources and the benefits of being introduced to such people heavily outweigh the bad experiences one might encounter by being honest. I stay in touch with them and we can rely on each other when things get tough. They accept silver and gold as legitimate forms of payment. They have land and other assets that are required to build a community.

What is the point?

The point of all this is to outline how important it is to always be proud of your beliefs. Do not be ashamed to share them. The group may be stronger than the individual. But amongst groups, which is strongest? I believe it’s the communities that hold truth up as a primary tenet. Think about it. One who seeks truth is more likely to see the world for what it really is; a crucial advantage when navigating a world built on lies. The only side effect of “covid” is that it separates those who are asleep or evil, from those who have moral principles and value virtue.

2 thoughts on “The Only Side Effect of “Covid”

  1. Well thought out!! I like this narrative. It’s mind blowing how much influence a credible threat has. Whether people believe it or not doesn’t matter anymore, it’s accepted as the norm. But I guess the mass doesn’t have time or interest to accept any other truth.

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