The Quality of Ones Spirit

Why We Encourage the Use of Tobacco

The Quality of Ones Spirit Why We Encourage the Use of Tobacco

More specifically, I encourage the use of tobacco in the form of premium cigars. The reasons for this are numerous. Including measuring the quality of ones spirit. Let me show you how.

But first we must identify what a premium cigar is.

A cigar is 100% pure tobacco leaf, aged and fermented, wrapped in 100% pure tobacco leaf. There are no additives of any kind. Just leaf.

There is an imposter product called a “cigar” that is sold in stores (swisher sweets, Dutch Masters, Backwoods). Its makeup is chopped leaf wrapped in a processed sheet that does contain chemical additives. Which means its not a cigar. Its just a fat cigarette.

For future reference

In this case, and in every case, when I say “cigar” I mean 100% tobacco premium cigars.

It’s all about context

For thousands of years tobacco has been used spiritually by Native Americans. Tobacco is sacred because it offered communion with the spirits. They understood that tobacco opens your mind and unlocks new avenues of thought. It aids rational thinking and levels out your emotions. When used properly these effects can be experienced with little to no side effects.

In a more physical sense, tobacco was used ritually, given as a gift, was a token of respect, and enjoyed among friends as well as enemies during peace negotiations.

How we use tobacco

Thinking man
The Quality of Ones Spirit Why We Encourage the Use of Tobacco

Here in the Sovereign Empire we use it much in the same way as the Native Americans. But instead, we worship the ideas of reason, freedom, peace, and individualism. Our gods may be different, but the function is the same. We aim to channel the best of ourselves. Tobacco is a very enjoyable way to achieve this. (Want more insight into our philosophy? Click here to read more)

Tobacco and health

It is commonly thought that Tobacco or nicotine are bad for your health. However, much like cannabis, it has been vilified beyond reason. The government first promoted cigarettes as a healthy remedy. Then when people started getting sick they blamed tobacco and nicotine with zero scientific evidence.

The real culprit

Turns out, when you burn things there are biproducts that are harmful when inhaled. This is true for everything. The carcinogen that gets all the attention is called tobacco-specific nitrosamines. However, nitrosamines are created when you burn any organic material. The real culprit is inhaling those natural and added chemicals. As you are probably aware, you do not inhale premium cigars.

Medical benefits and medicinal uses

Man enjoying a cigar
Side view of confident african american man smoking cigar indoors

Because tobacco has been made persona non grata by the collective governments, it has rarely been studied independently. But, from those studies that have been done, the results are astounding.

Nicotine can be a treatment for:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • High blood pressure
  • Parkinson’s
  • Dementia
  • schizophrenia
  • and more…

It even appears to improve cognitive ability. But we already knew that. Here is a passage from a great Article called Nicotine, the Wonder Drug?

“Nicotine has separate mechanisms by which it may protect brain cells, aside from its influence on dopamine,” Boyd says. “One of the functions of nicotinic receptors is to moderate the entry of calcium into cells. The presence of nicotine increases the amount of intracellular calcium, which appears to improve cellular survival.” 

And nicotine may have an antioxidant effect, serving to mop up the toxic free radicals produced as a byproduct of metabolism, thus protecting the brain. The neuroprotective effects of nicotine were studied in a randomized clinical trial involving 67 subjects in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, where memory was slightly impaired but decision-making and other cognitive abilities remained intact. They received either a 15-milligram nicotine patch or placebo for six months. The results found “significant nicotine-associated improvements in attention, memory and psychomotor speed,” with excellent safety and tolerability. “

To add to this I have an anecdote.

When I was a child I wa stung by a hornet and to treat it a cowboy (I was on a ranch) pulled out his chew, and slapped it on the affected area. Tobacco reduces inflammation. Depending on how you take it, it can reduce inflammation internally or externally.

There are many more specific treatments and curiosities tobacco offers. Too many to list here. But it would behoove you to investigate it yourself. Be sure to maintain a critical eye. There is a lot of unjustified hate for tobacco and you will come across a lot of untruths.

Social gathering with cigar, liquor and money

The final reason to make cigars a part of your life and why we encourage it

The government HATES cigars. Even though cigars have never been proven to hurt anyone, they get lumped in with cigarettes regulations. This has decimated the industry and it is terribly unfortunate.

If the government hates it, that probably means its ok if not downright good for you.

With all the benefits of tobacco being what they are, I can see why the government would want to keep it under wraps. Its basically Sybillene from the book Drug Lord by Doug Casey.

More than just a hobby

For the final word, I want to say that its more than just a hobby. Smoking fine cigars is a form of meditation. It is a truly liberating and indispensable event. When you sit down and light that cigar, you know what you are going to be doing for the next hour. Many times when people smoke its just to relax. However, with cigars, many times you end up deep in self-reflection. Where you can discover yourself a little more each time. Or lost in your own mind hashing out future plans. This is how you discover the quality of ones spirit.

That’s all for now.

In Liberty my friends,


The Quality of Ones Spirit Why We Encourage the Use of Tobacco

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