Want To Get Sw4tt3d?

Want To Get Sw4tt3d? Just do what I’m doing right now…
Want To Get Sw4tt3d?

What am I doing? I don’t know.

You see, the state has expanded to such a degree that everything you do could be considered a crime by the state. There is a book out there called “Three Felonies a Day” by Harvey Silverglate. In it, he outlines how every person in the U.S. commits at least three felonies a day without even realizing it. Almost all those felonies do not require a victim. The truth is, it’s probably more than three.


Before I continue I have to make a disclaimer for the normies. Disclaimer: If you don’t believe you are a criminal, then we agree on something. I do not believe you are the criminal the state says you are. This by default puts us on the same side so please hear me out. I am trying to help you. I am not asking for anything and I have no reason to lie to you.

Topic: The Matrix

Uh-oh, I just lost the normies! All joking aside, I think this term is severely misunderstood. For those who are trapped in it, the concept of the matrix may seem complex and because of that, it’s really hard to explain. But I am going to attempt to do it today in this post. This will be my attempt at breaking down the concept of “the matrix” in a credible and digestible way.

Like I said previously when people talk about “the matrix” that’s when you start losing credibility with the normies. You automatically get slotted into the “conspiracy theorists” category with people like Alex Jones. Here is the thing, the matrix is just a useful metaphor. In essence, it just means “you cant see what I see.” And yes, the implications are that people who are on the outside of the matrix can see “more” of what is on the inside. Please keep in mind, normies, that these people are desperately trying to help you. It’s so unfortunate that the term has been bastardized by the mainstream because it really is a great expression.

Want To Get Sw4tt3d?

A Simple Analogy

white head bust in museum
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Want To Get Sw4tt3d?

Imagine a snowglobe, and inside the snowglobe are little Christmas creatures. They were born in the snowglobe and it’s all they have ever known. Sometimes, these creatures look up into the snowglobe sky, and all they see is a diffusion of light and darkness. No creature has ever been up there before, in the sky. But they are told by the elder creatures that it goes on forever; an infinite emptiness. As far as they can tell, things seem pretty stable inside the snowglobe but every once in a while, disaster strikes out of nowhere. Things like earthquakes, snowstorms, and instances of unexplained phenomena. We of course know that it’s the child who keeps the snowglobe on the mantel. It is he who creates the earthquakes, snowstorms, and every once in a while will wind-up the snow globe to make all the little creatures dance.

Now, let’s say some of the Christmas creatures managed to escape from the globe and they witness what is causing all the tragedies in the snow globe world. Without hesitation and at great risk, they decide to tell their friends and family who are causing all the disasters. Of course, nobody believes something so ridiculous. It would mean everything they have ever known is a lie. It is easy for friends and family to shrug it off without further consideration.

Obviously, the ones who have been outside of the dome have seen something they can never un-see. Over and over again they witness their loved ones being hurt by these outside forces. At the same time, they are shunned by their peers for believing in something that is different. And discriminated against, punished, and often destroyed by the child for being outside of the globe. These creatures are the outcasts of the ant colony, the ones that ask “why?”, the ones that see things for what they truly are. They are the ones that can save us all.


The ones who screech “YOURE LIVING IN THE MATRIX” may be using the expression incorrectly. But that is the same sin you are committing by immediately dismissing their point of view. Both sides have a severe lack of humility. This leads to the illogical incessant skreeeing you see on both sides of the political aisle. The Sovereign Empire is not a fan of this. And for the record, The Sovereign Empire is not a fan of politics at all. Both cups are poison (by design.) (See The Jones Plantation by Larkin Rose)

Want To Get Sw4tt3d?

Why am I bringing this up?

As you may have heard, Ian Freeman and Nobody of Free Talk Live were $w@tt3D and arrested the other day. Supposedly, it was for trying to keep some of the crypto they earned, away from the government. In my opinion, no victim, no crime. But the government has no such qualms. And no consideration for morality or what is good or evil. If they see something they want or identify what is useful to their ends, they go to great lengths to posses it.

However, there are exceptions to their tyranny. You can in fact escape the eye of Sauron. All you have to do is be free. People have a really hard time understanding this. And I plan on writing about it later on. Essentially, if you choose to use their systems (Like dollars, welfare, or permits/licenses) you are their property and they see you as such. Because of this, they can treat you how they want. If you opt-out of their system (I know its hard, but if you want to be free you have to do it) then the only tyranny they can plot against you is violence. And they wouldn’t dare.

Let’s do a thought experiment. Imagine you live on a farm, minding your own business, not using dollars because you cultivate your own food. Not needing a license because you don’t drive a car. Not needing health insurance aid because of clean, natural living. They literally have no reason to come after you. If they did arrest you, it would wake a lot of people up to the scam. They know this. (More on why they wouldn’t dare in a later post. )

What does this have to do with getting (the S word)?

Want To Get Sw4tt3d?

Well, eventually all people on the verge of escaping the snow globe will be prosecuted (Like Ian and Nobody of Free Talk Live Radio). They can’t allow people to escape the matrix because keeping more people INSIDE is what gives them all the power. Interestingly, (I don’t know if this is some cruel joke from God, but…) the harder they try to keep the illusion going, the more people wake up and see it. I am just doing my part to be a shepherd of freedom. Waiting at the gate for those who may be a little late to the party. Speaking of “late to the party,” still not convinced the state isn’t your friend? Read this.

I am just waiting until then for my moment. Thanks for reading internet friend.



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Want To Get Sw4tt3d?

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