What Does It Mean to be an Individual?

What does it mean to be an individual? Are you a lone wolf, or part of a pack? The answer is both.

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I, Pencil

No matter what your lifestyle is, it probably involves the collaboration of two or more people in order to make it that way; whether it be deliberate or not. For example, I come from the Alaskan bush and lived a subsistence lifestyle. We would hunt, fish, and gather our own food to eat.

A lone wolf lifestyle, not so alone

A wolf overlooking a pond

But, we were also able to enjoy treats like cow milk, tortillas, and bread. However, in order to get those things, we needed to generate some currency. So, we sold fish to a fish processor. We used the currency to pay for services like a phone line to allow us to order food from the city. The store in the city would then put that food on a boat or plane and a person would deliver it to us. We would order in bulk so we had a giant chest freezer to preserve the food we couldn’t eat right away. That chest freezer needed electricity…you see where I am going with this? Our wanting a little variety required an entire mini-economy to be created.

That is the web we create just to live. We require countless amounts of individuals (almost all of them unseen) and countless amounts of labor and brain power to maintain our quality of life. But that has all been turned upside-down. The economy has been disrupted and our quality of life is decreasing.

Who is to blame?

Capitol building. Death in the sky
United States Capitol building in Washington DC.

I mentioned before in Are They Really Trying to Help Us? – The Sovereign Empire – ANCAP club (sovereigncigar.club) That I was no longer able to provide for my family, pay bills, and eat, all at the same time after the government shut everything down in the town I was living in. 7 of 8 contracts went up in smoke. Those businesses I dealt with will never return. In the article, I blamed the government; The collective. However, I was wrong. The government didn’t shut me and those other businesses down. WE shut us down. Our inability to say “NO” shut us down. The only reason those businesses closed was because they said “yes.”

The absolute truth is YOU HAVE A CHOICE. You can acquiesce and cause a negative ripple effect in the economy. Or you can think for yourself as an individual. You can weigh the pros and cons and make the best decision possible for yourself. By doing seeking your best interests you are actually making the best decision possible for the rest of the world as well.

The Economy Is Us!

The government can TRY to shut the economy down. But THE ECONOMY IS US! Ultimately, it takes us agreeing to shut down. We are not the government. We are not a collective. We may be connected, but each node; each individual is like a dynamo. It has its own source of power. It has smart technology and can reorient at a moments notice when something goes wrong. The individual can do cost/benefit analysis to make awesome decisions the government could never even dream of accomplishing or knowing anything about for that matter. If you delegate all the thinking to the government you are DOOMING US ALL.

The Myth of Authority

The government is not our boss. The individual is the authority over itself and no one else. You make the decisions for yourself. Not someone else. You decide what is best for you, best for your household, best for your business; not the government.

There is no such thing as authority beyond violence. Violence is the supreme authority from which all other authorities are derived (Heinlein). If the government is willing to bring violence down upon you in order to assert authority, is that a proper function of government? I would say…yes. I would say that is the only function government is good for. Gifting violence of the few, onto the many. And that is precisely why it should not exist.

Few can say it better than someone who I consider a friend, George Gammon. I have promoted his work before across all my platforms. Please watch this video and learn what it means to be an individual.

So, What Does it Mean to be an Individual?

I can’t pretend to have all the answers. All I can do is make the best decisions possible for myself, family, and business. That is why I keep my business doors open. That is why I prefer to work with individuals instead of collectivists.

So, if there is anyone else out there who isn’t afraid of a fake v!rys let me know if you’re looking for work. I will be looking for help soon.

In Liberty,


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What Does It Mean to be an Individual?

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