What is success?

I suppose success is subjective. It depends on what you value. Some value currency or assets; others value experience.

If I had to define what makes a person successful, it probably is the sum of wealth generated by the achievement of ones goals being a level of degrees higher than the mean. I am certain there is a more definitive and concise way to put it. But I like this definition; it makes me a very wealthy man.

If you feel like you are stuck on a treadmill, or your life just isn’t going how you planned, or you bust your back and make sure you do everything right, but you just can’t seem to pull ahead. Perhaps doing everything “right” is precisely the thing you’re doing wrong.

Here is a short business course we offer. It was originally designed to help young Alaska Native entrepreneurs identify what may be weighing them down. But it may be the most value-dense business training for new entrepreneurs ever made. And it may be just the thing you need to achieve success by any definition. You can check it out here. Of course it is available for free to all members of the Sovereign Cigar Club.

In Liberty my friends,


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